This is a FREE 3-day online course via ZOOM, designed for senior business leaders and academics who provide direct support to business owners and operators, and entrepreneurs. It is part of an integrated effort to reskill Puerto Rico’s workforce and nurture lifelong learning to embrace the accelerating, converging changes that are affecting global conditions and those in Puerto Rico. Each session will be 2.5 hours, in English, for a total of 7.5 hours. A ZOOM link will be sent after registration. All the lessons will be recorded and be available till the completion of the course. An electronic list of contacts will be included.

By the end of the course, support practitioners will have been exposed to ideas about the broad changes that Puerto Rico and the international business environment will be facing in the next five years and how they will affect local business conditions, both in the immediate post-COVID19 environment and afterwards. It aligns with strategic cluster development and the needs of industry 4.0. It also will provide support practitioners with the tools to teach and mentor local business owners and operators, both to build skills and develop leadership capabilities. Topics will include:

  • What changes in the international business environment are expected in the next five years and how these will affect Puerto Rico.

  • Ideas about (a) growing a business, (b) expanding products and services, and (c) adapting and pivoting in a post-COVID19 world (which must include a large measure of digital transformation).

  • Case studies in several business sectors

  • How to develop case studies tailored to the business owners and operators they’ll be teaching and mentoring, along with SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). How to use these to engage with for mentoring and teaching.

  • How support practitioners can develop their own training and mentoring for separate sessions in Spanish that they would then teach to business owners and operators. Topics could include: How would you know when it’s necessary to pivot to a new business model, vice adapting what you’ve been doing? What might be some options? How do you actually pivot? What information would you ask of the owners in developing their decisions to adapt or pivot?

  • The importance of an effective, adaptable, business resilience plan, and keeping it up to date.

Online Courses Materials

  • Lesson 1: (June 15) Changing business environment in Puerto Rico and Internationally. See presentation

  • Lesson 2: (June 16) Case studies from diverse business sectors for business owners and operators to emulate.

  • Lesson 3: (June 17) Adapting teaching material for further training and Mentoring in Spanish.


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