Science Trust and New Fortress Energy Launch STEM Boxed Kits Experience: Energy Edition

The new eight weeks after school program to encourage potential engineering students to explore innovative energy solutions through STEM is open for registration until February 5th.

San Juan Puerto Rico. January 29, 2021 – A new year brings a new STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) challenge to students directly to their doors. The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT) announces a new collaboration with New Fortress Energy (NFE), a multinational natural gas developer and distributor, to launch the STEM Boxed Kit Experience: Energy Edition, an eight (8) week afterschool program reaching 200 middle school students from the San Juan area focusing on the fundamentals of energy.  The objective is to engage students with meaningful, hands-on learning in a distance setting by delivering a “boxed kit” to every participant’s household, and offering direct facilitation of materials, lessons, challenges, and skills through online sessions twice a week.  The STEM Boxed Kit Experience: Energy edition call is open until February 5th.

“This edition focuses on exploring the fundamental concepts of electricity and the management of renewable energy. A unique offer that seeks to promote the scientific curiosity and creativity of each participant, ” said Jorge Valentine, director of the STEM educational program of the PRSTRT. “The program affirms, not only the Trust’s commitment to promote the STEM career interests of two hundred young people on the island; it is also a sample of what collaboration with companies like New Fortress Energy can achieve.”

From his part, Jake Suski, Managing Director of New Fortress Energy expressed: “We are very proud to join forces with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust to develop a hands-on afterschool STEM program for middle school students. Access to stimulating extracurricular learning opportunities are so important to a child’s education, especially during a

time when so many students are learning remotely. As New Fortress Energy invests in Puerto Rico’s economic future, we are committed to supporting youth STEM education and are excited to do so in partnership with the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust.” Founded in 2014, New Fortress Energy is a global energy infrastructure company whose mission is to help accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy with reliable solutions that enable economic growth and transform local industries and communities. It started operations in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2020 to support the energetic system as part of the recovery efforts after hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The Energy Edition of the STEM Boxed Experience will provide students with access to high-quality engineering resources to help them enhance their design and critical thinking skills while encouraging them to explore STEM careers. It will include a robust curriculum with critical energy fundamentals such as: key concepts, vocabulary and tools, electric circuits, sources of energy, electromagnetics; and a hands-on final session of product design and pitch.

Those middle school students in the San Juan area interested in participating have until February 5th, 2021 to register in Spaces available while they last.

For more information, please access or visit the Puerto Rico Science Technology & Research Trust page on Facebook.