Ars Electronica Garden Puerto Rico

Cultural Heritage Innovation Program represents “Garden Puerto Rico”  in the annual festival Ars Electrónica.  Is one of the 100 participants with virtual space in the prestigious international event, which presents various collaborative projects from their respective “gardens” with world-renowned artists, who are dedicated to the themes of art, technology and innovation.

“Nuestra participación surge gracias a la alianza con el artista internacional e ingeniero argentino, Joaquín Fargas, quien expondrá “Pulsar la Tierra”, un llamado a proteger nuestra madre tierra” – Johnny Lugo, director de programa CHIP

AGENDA Festival 2021

From cave art archaeology to medieval Spanish archives, passing through the real Pirates of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico bears troves of unknown heritage and untold stories, all available for enjoyment in the digital era.  In the process of rediscovering our heritage with digital tools and technology we are supporting communities to capture and strengthen the passion for preserving our heritage and citizens’ wellbeing.

  • Speakers are scholars, researchers, academics and entrepreneurs

  • Webinars are about how they are applying digital technology for the benefit of culture and humankind

  • Learn new approaches and methods for cultural heritage conservation and preservation

Taste of Soil

A series of activities and programs designed to express that digital space is not a place to escape the real. Rather, both places – digital and real – stand and act in direct and inseparable connection to each other. Moreover, the project displays the expansion of Ars Electronica’s cultural mission itself: technology needs to be deployed in a sustainable, connective and responsible way. See all videos, including Garden Puerto Rico Taste of Soil 2021.

The future of heritage in Puerto Rico

from innovation within the project of Oso Blanco. This experimental approach seeks to integrate creative and technologically innovative activities.

The latin american artist documentation

contemporary art preservation in the digital era.

Heritage assessment from earthquakes

Proper scientific assessment to stabilize the Brick Tower which is close to a collapse.

Programa que participa en este evento.