Technology Transfer Office
The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was designed and created to implement an agile and effective approach to foster the commercialization of locally developed scientific inventions and discoveries.


Strategy and Goals
The Trust TTO’s mission is to effectively identify, assess, protect, market, and transfer the most promising research discoveries from Puerto Rico’s universities, institutions and research institutes to the private sector for commercialization and to benefit the public.

The TTO’s vision is to work collaboratively with its partner institutions to build a robust portfolio of research discoveries and high value intellectual property; and provide deal-making services to move those discoveries into businesses through industry partnerships, licensing agreements, and start-up companies.

The Five-year aspiration goal is to perform at peer average, a cohort of 15 North American public & private universities with similar R&D expenditures and medical schools.

Areas of Focus

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Universities
  • Marketing
  • Research Institutes
  • Intellectual property
  • Deve