Sponsorship Request Form

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust appreciates the opportunity to consider new sponsorship requests.

If your organization is interested in sending a sponsorship request for consideration please fill out the following form and your request will be automatically submitted to the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s Sponsorship Committee.  Sponsorship of events to be held in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or in the United States will be considered. Thank you for your interest in the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

Failure to meet these requirements will make your sponsorship proposal automatically ineligible.

A. Eligible Proponents.
The following are eligible applicants to submit proposals for a sponsorship (“Proponents”):

(1) Any natural person;

(2) Any legal person, be it a public entity, private entity or a combination of both, that is incorporated or organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; the United States of America or any state of the United States of America;

(3) Any group composed of the foregoing persons.

B. Eligible Activities.

The following activities that are conducted in Puerto Rico are eligible for a sponsorship (“Eligible Activities”):

(1) Those that promote the creation of new knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology and Research & Development in Puerto Rico;

(2) Stimulate innovation and growth for the targeted industry sectors such as: Life Sciences, Alternative Energy, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Computer Science & Information Technologies, Medical Devices, and Aerospace & Aeronautics, Robotics, Gaming, among others;

(3) Provide education and professional training for new creation and development in the fields of research & development,  science and technology;

(4) Other activities that the Trust determine will result in the competitive growth of research & development, science and technology and will solidify Puerto Rico’s knowledge economy.

C. Eligible Costs.

(i) The following costs pertaining to an Eligible Activity are eligible to be defrayed with funds from a sponsorship (“Eligible Costs”):

(1) Costs of the materials and equipment essential to carry out the eligible activity;

(2) Costs of contracting speakers, trainers or professional talent;

(3) Payment of contacted hours, stipends, traveling expenses and per diems to be paid to speakers, trainers or professional talent hired for the activity;

(4) General, administrative and operating expenses;

(5) Costs related to the production and promotional materials;

(6) Purchase of awards, prizes or other means of recognizing participants;

(7) Any other costs that the Trust determines will result in the successful performance of an eligible activity.

            (ii) The following costs pertaining to an eligible activity are not eligible to be defrayed with funds from a sponsorship:

(1) Salaries, maternity or sick leave expenses;

(2) Entertainment costs (includes alcoholic beverages);

A. Submittal of Proposals.

(1) Proposals will be received only through the Trust’s website, at least thirty (30) days before the activity is scheduled.

(2) In order to consider the proposal, the Proponent shall provide the Trust with the following:

a. A description of the company or organization, including its mission and history of service;

b. A description of the proposed activity, the purpose, target population (participants), time, date, place, number of participants and staff involved;

c.  A description of how the activity relates to the Trust’s Mission;

d. Budget requested and justification;

e.  Contact information of the person responsible of the activity.