Puerto Rico Capital Network

Puerto Rico Capital Network (PRCN) is a member-driven non‐profit organization that invests in Puerto Rico and in the USA. PRCN members are local investors as well as Act 20/22 grantees who seek, as a network, high-potential companies in which to invest as angel investors.

Strategy and Goals

PRCN seeks to inject capital into the innovation ecosystem in Puerto Rico. PRCN will identify high potential companies and invite them to present at quarterly PRCN investor meetings. After the presentation, if there is sufficient interest, potential investors form a due diligence team to vet the investment. If thePRCN team approves the investment, the team negotiates a term sheet. Thereafter, interested PRCN members make the investment and, importantly, guide the entrepreneur to achieve success.

Many local companies are not ready for investment but show potential.PRCN will monitor and mentor these companies with the goal of making them “investable” at some point in the future.

Areas of Focus

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research
  • Investments
  • Enterprises