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Researchers generate knowledge and develop new ideas that create the future. That knowledge is applicable outside of the research setting, for the advancement of humanity, for policy, and for economic development. It contributes directly to our level of prosperity and the well-being of individuals and society.


The Trust offers the following programs that build capacities to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through research.

  • Research Grants Program

    Program designed to develop and incentivize, investigative initiatives and research endeavors, taking Puerto Rico’s knowledge economy to a higher level, and fostering economic development through science and technology.

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  • Technology Transfer Office

    The program was designed and created to implement an agile and effective approach to foster the commercialization of locally developed scientific inventions and discoveries

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  • Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation

    A non-profit organization with a collaborative network of researchers that aim to promote, improve and enhance the impact of clinical research and development in Puerto Rico.

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  • Puerto Rico Center for Tropical Biodiversity and Bioprospecting

    A multidisciplinary group of researchers working to enable the advancement of exploration, development, conservation and commercialization of biodiversity resources.

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  • Research & Innovation Meetups

    A series of gatherings that aim to connect the community of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises in order to develop a culture that drives research, innovation, and economic activity through collaboration.

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  • Colmena 66

    A resource network for entrepreneurs and business owners that brings business-building resources into an ecosystem that supports and sustains entrepreneurship in all phases of their business development.

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  • Brain Trust for Tropical Disease Research and Prevention

    Bringing together experts to help expedite diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tropical diseases

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  • Law 101

    A tax incentive to foster research and development activity conducted at local universities in Puerto Rico, allowing qualified Principal Investigators or Co-Principal Investigator to seek tax exemptions for salaries earned from eligible research grants.

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  • forward summit

    Forward Research & Innovation Summit

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    September 17th, 2016

    Sheraton Convention Center San Juan, PR. Empowering the scientific and technological communities as drivers for sustainable economic development.

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Since 2014, $8 million awarded to science and technology research projects.

Research Infrastructure

The Trust’s infrastructure comprises various state-of-the-art research and development facilities for academic, and business initiatives, as well as other lifestyle amenities in an urban setting with many important science, technology, research, health, and academic resources nearby.

  • Innovation Center

    The Innovation Center serves as our headquarters and houses co-working, shared, and private offices and “dry labs” that serve to accelerate and incubate science and technology ventures. It also counts with several conference rooms, training spaces, and other facilities such as high-speed internet.

  • Puerto Rico Environmental Research Laboratory

    The Puerto Rico Environmental Research Laboratory offers scientific and laboratory support to the PREQB, to the DRNA, and to other government agencies. It executes tests and analyses related with soil, water, and air quality, including biological, chemical, and physical components.

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  • ACT Global

    ACT Global facilitates financial, technical, material and strategic assistance to entrepreneurs, inventors, and business owners in their development and commercialization. It is located at the Turabo University and is a collaboration between the Trust, the EDA, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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  • Puerto Rico Photonics Institute

    The Puerto Rico Photonics Institute is the only center for research and education in the fields of optical sciences, engineering, and technology in Puerto Rico. It is a collaboration between UMET, PRIDCO, and the Trust.

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  • Molecular Sciences Research Center

    The Molecular Sciences Research Center at the UPR is a facility for advanced molecular science and technology commercialization. Partnering with Universities, federal agencies and the private industry to provide research environment and services for molecular structure development and characterization.

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  • Bioprocess Development and Training Complex

    The BDTC is a collaboration between the Trust, PRIDCO, and the UPR, aiming to promote the growth of the biotechnology and bioengineering industry. It houses a bioprocess development and training complex to support commercialization of startup companies and research organizations.

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More than 100 researchers have benefited from our research funding program since 2014.

Initiatives We Support

The Trust supports and fund various programs that promote entrepreneurship, research and investing opportunities, to further economic development in the island.

More than $50 million invested in Puerto Rico’s research infrastructure.

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The Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust runs on government and private donations and volunteer work. The Trust invests in Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-based enterprises, science and technology, and its industries. Help us support our researchers, entrepreneurs and investors.

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