Investors & Enterprises
are our catalysts

Investors provide important resources for science and technology-based startups to thrive and are essential to the long-term success of an innovation ecosystem. Enterprises are valuable stakeholders since they have a privileged perspective regarding existing markets and trends.


The Trust offers the following programs that create opportunities for investors and enterprises to leverage innovation.

  • Science District

    An urban re-engineering initiative that will interconnect existing and future academic and state-of-the-art research and development facilities, which will enable economic development through science, technology, research in Puerto Rico

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  • Parallel18

    A global accelerator program that offers a unique gateway for startups to scale from Puerto Rico. Providing equity free funding, office space and support in an effort to jump-start the island as an innovation hub.

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  • Technology Transfer Office

    TTO facilitates the transfer and commercialization of scientific discoveries and technology for the purpose of further development and commercialization.

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  • Research Grants Program

    Program designed to develop and incentivize, investigative initiatives and research endeavors, taking Puerto Rico’s knowledge economy to a higher level, and fostering economic development through science and technology.

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  • Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation

    A non-profit organization with a collaborative network of researchers that aim to promote, improve and enhance the impact of clinical research and development in Puerto Rico.

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  • Cultural Heritage Technology and Innovation

    The Cultural Heritage Technology and Innovation initiative seeks to support the cultural heritage community of Puerto Rico by providing specialist knowledge dissemination and know-how. The initiative also provides guidance for the Trust’s cultural heritage activities.

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  • Puerto Rico Center for Tropical Biodiversity and Bioprospecting

    A multidisciplinary group of researchers working to enable the advancement of exploration, development, conservation and commercialization of biodiversity resources.

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  • Research & Innovation Meetups

    A series of gatherings that aim to connect the community of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises in order to develop a culture that drives research, innovation, and economic activity through collaboration.

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  • Colmena 66

    A resource network for entrepreneurs and business owners that brings business-building resources into an ecosystem that supports and sustains entrepreneurship in all phases of their business development.

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  • forward summit

    Forward Research & Innovation Summit

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    November 10th, 2018

    Sheraton Convention Center San Juan, PR. Empowering the scientific and technological communities as drivers for sustainable economic development.

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More than $50 million invested in Puerto Rico’s research infrastructure.