Position: Director, Community Mobilization Division

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico


The Director for Community Mobilization, reporting to the Director of the Vector Control Unit (VCU), is responsible for all efforts within the Community Mobilization division related to the successful design, development and implementation of the Vector Control Unit’s (VCU’s) community mobilization, behavior change, risk communications, education and local community-based vector control capacity-building initiatives in support of the VCU’s vector control strategy and operations.

This is a senior-level position intended to manage all programs and components of the VCU’s community mobilization division, and to serve as the center of gravity for this growing division’s efforts to build a new, innovative, integrated community mobilization strategy and risk communication platform in support of the VCU’s strategies throughout Puerto Rico.

This position will serve as the lead coordinator of efforts to design and implement a range of new community engagement, mobilization, behavior change and education programs designed to inspire, empower, and sustain citizen, community and island-wide participation in key behaviors and actions to reduce the threat of vector-borne diseases. This position will serve as the operational head of all community engagement operations, ensuring the coordination and synchronization of community engagement programs with risk communications, marketing and communications, public relations, and key stakeholder engagement.

This position will be staffed by an experienced individual who can translate strategic goals and objectives of the VCU into tangible community mobilization projects and programs, and who can successfully build and guide a coalition of both internal and external stakeholders towards an island-wide, integrated community engagement framework and infrastructure. This includes developing and nurturing constructive relationships with government agencies, municipalities, community leaders, businesses, civil society organizations, educational institutions, the creative community, and others important to creating a whole-of-island approach to behavior change and sustained community prioritization of reducing vector-related threats and underlying conditions.

As director of the CM division, this position will be responsible for overseeing both the strategic and the daily operations of the VCU’s various community engagement, mobilization and behavior change programs, and ensuring that they are meeting their intended outcomes and abiding by strict protocols, procedures, and monitoring and evaluation standards. In addition, this position will ensure that ground-level community mobilization programs will be aligned with strategic communications, risk communications, marketing and public relations, as well as strategic partnerships (i.e. universities, government agencies, nonprofits, etc.) and all other VCU efforts designed to empower the public to play a meaningful role in the reduction of Aedes aegypti populations island-wide. This position will be charged with ensuring that community engagement and behavior change programs are contributing directly to the VCU’s core objectives.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Serve as the principal advisor and subject-matter expert on community mobilization, engagement, and risk communications within the VCU;
  2. Manage the VCU’s Community Mobilization division successfully and guide the development of the Community Mobilization division, including the recruitment and onboarding of new team members, establishing of protocols and procedures, and cultivating a climate that fosters collaboration, innovation, creativity, confidence and excellence;
  3. Develop and manage the division’s strategic plan annually;
  4. Manage the division’s budget and program financials;
  5. Design, develop and implement a range of innovative community engagement and mobilization initiatives and programs;
  6. Develop and manage the deployment of the VCU’s community engagement framework and island-wide community engagement strategy;
  7. Develop and sustain productive relationships with key stakeholders island-wide, with particular focus on establishing lasting relations with key stakeholders in municipalities, civil society, the private sector, faith communities, etc.;
  8. Serve as the coordinator of interagency and external community engagement and behavior change programs island-wide, and represent the VCU, when needed, with other agencies and outside stakeholders;
  9. Provide routine reporting of CM division efforts and operations;
  • Implement, when necessary, focus groups in communities to gain a deeper understanding of ;
  1. Help identify and recruit subject-matter experts on particular topics to guide specific community engagement efforts.


Education, Training and Experiences:

  • 10+ years of senior leadership roles in large-scale public health communications, public relations and/or marketing communications initiatives (projects, companies, campaigns, etc.), including 5+ years at the management level within which the candidate designed and developed community mobilization programs;
  • MPH, MS, MA or other advanced degrees relating to behavioral sciences, community engagement, risk communications, political science, sociology, economics, or other related fields;
  • Experiences developing large-scale community engagement programs, campaigns, studies, operational research programs, and initiatives;
  • Served as part of an senior management team of organizations, with experience supporting executive leadership and working closely on strategic planning and prioritization;
  • Strengths in developing a constructive team environment with a range of individuals with diverse backgrounds and from a variety of professions and academic backgrounds,
  • Strong analytical, planning and forecasting skills;
  • A strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to maintain and model high personal, ethical and professional standards, as well as an outgoing and positive personality;
  • Ability to sustain relationships at all levels of the organization and with organizations, community leaders, municipalities, and advisory bodies within the community;
  • Strong diplomatic skills with experience fostering consensus between multiple perspectives;
  • Impeccable written communications skills including excelling writing, proofreading and editing abilities and command of grammar/punctuation, style and format in both English and Spanish;
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy. Ability to translate and articulate broad or complex topics into easily understood concepts and actionable plans and operations.
  • Must be able to work outside normal business hours. Must be able to travel regularly throughout the island, as needed.

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Overview of the organization

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