America’s Health Rankings 2019 Annual Report Marks 30 Years of Public Health Progress and Challenges

For 30 years, America’s Health Rankings has played a leading role in raising awareness of important trends in public health. Today, the United Health Foundation released the 2019 America’s Health Rankings® Annual Report, which highlights health trends from the past three decades as well as from the past year. The report showcases meaningful progress in reducing smoking and infant mortality. It also identifies challenges including increasing rates of diabetes, suicide and drug deaths.

To mark the 30th edition of the Annual Report, the United Health Foundation is hosting “Shaping the Future of Public Health: Learning from 30 Years of Data,” a public event to convene experts and discuss public health progress and challenges of the last 30 years.

Starting in 1990, America’s Health Rankings has helped frame the debate on public health issues by identifying key health challenges at both the national and state levels.

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