Innovación- La apuesta perfecta

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Career Opportunity: Technology Transfer Advisor/Contractor

Opportunity: Technology Transfer Advisor/Contractor  Contractual Relationship: IndependentContractor The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (Trust hereafter) is seeking to contract a qualified Technology Transfer Advisor/Contractor to manage all aspects of the Trust’s Technology Transfer (TT) initiative. The Trust’s TT initiative is aimed at designing, creating and implementing an agile and effective structure to foster the commercialization [...]

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I-Corps Puerto Rico

The United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) has awarded our friends, Grupo Guayacán, Inc., a grant to launch I-Corps Puerto Rico. I-Corps is a customer discovery boot camp for entrepreneurs looking to build and develop scalable business models. GGI, with strategic partners  to launch a local version of the successful Startup Gauntlet, a program offered [...]

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Fideicomiso avanza la agenda científica del País con aprobación de dos proyectos de vanguardia

Los proyectos buscan impulsar la investigación clínica y la bioprospección en el País

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